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What's next for PJP?

With the positive response from my hoodies, I'm enjoying exploring how my prints translate onto clothing. The intention is to approach more brands for collaboration to feature my prints on their clothing lines, active wear is particularly attractive to me and the options are endless.

For over a year now I've been working with a friend on the idea of a swimwear line - we have landed on one of my designs that I drew with watercolour pens; see below.

We played around with the design on photoshop, reversing the colours, enlarging the shapes, and approached the same manufacturer as the hoodies and the result, well, we're pretty stoked with the look! At the moment, we're researching different manufacturers to see which suits our brand best, it's a work in progress but seeing the prints come out so well on these sample swimsuits keeps us super hopeful that we're onto something very promising.

When it comes to my artwork, the pieces I enjoy the most are when I have complete freedom to explore different patterns and shapes. I intend to stick to the black and white theme as that is what I want to be recognised for. My geometrical shapes and maze like patterns are what separate me from the rest and in time the goal is to have these designs everywhere, on everything - a complete PJP take over!!

My main goal for the future is to just keep creating. One thing I have learnt over the last year is that creative blocks will happen, they are unavoidable but it's up to you to show up and break through them, putting pen to paper and just starting, and if you can do that, the rest will just flow.


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