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Go big or go home!

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Today I celebrated showcasing my biggest print to date!

My interpretation of the beautiful Brigade House Office building.

To share a little context with you, having moved back to my home town temporarily due to Covid, many benefits have come from that, including community and past contacts. An old school friend of mine (20 years of friendship I may add) saw my work on Facebook and approached me to commission a piece for his new office building. Having driven past the building nearly everyday, noticing how beautiful it was every time I drove past I was honoured to capture something special for them.

Photos were taken, brainstorming and conversations were had and now it was up to me to put pen to paper and capture something truly magic.

Hm... creative block really is a thing isn't it? I knew exactly what I wanted to do but my brain to pen communication was having an entirely different idea. With art or the final product of any creation, very few see or experience the process behind the piece, nobody captures the creative blocks, the hours of staring at the page, the constant rubbing out of ideas. So, like anything we struggle with, I had to walk away and come back to it with fresh eyes.

After about a week of working on it, I managed to capture what they were looking for and more!

My point to this post is go big or don't go at all! Go all in, even when you're feeling deflated and that creative block doesn't seem to want to shift, it does, eventually, like everything it will pass and coming out the other side feels even better for it and you may even produce some of your best work yet!

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